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University of Cape Town


Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis


JMC: Eight Ways of Looking at Samuel Beckett.


Lies, a short story by JM Coetzee.


The Dog, a short story by JM Coetzee.



"The languages of JM Coetzee" by Oliver Ready



A review by Lauren Elkin of Late Essays by JM Coetzee: "Dos and don’ts of classic novel writing."


Interview: Derek Attridge, The Singularity of Literature


Is Apathy the Key to JM Coetzee Novels? by Christian Lorentzen


A review by Jan Wilm of The Schooldays of Jesus.


The Writing of Life, a piece on JMC by Martin Woesnner:


A review in Afrikaans by Marianne de Jong of J.M. Coetzee and the Life of Writing by David Attwell.


A review in Afrikaans by Marianne de Jong of The Good Story. by J.M. Coetzee and Arabella Kurtz.


JM Coetzee receives an Honorary Doctorate from SOAS, London.


Silent Truths A review by Marc Farrant of The Good Story: Exchanges on Truth, Fiction and Psychotherapy by JM Coetzee and Arabella Kurtz


Resistance to German conquest in Namibia:
JM Coetzee on the letters of Hendrik Witbooi

Left-click here for the archived podcast, or right-click to download.

More information:  http://www.fmr.co.za/fine-minds/

Autobiography and the Creative Process
Recordings of David Attwell's 2015 summer school lectures at UCT:

23rd July 2015 ... 27th July 2015 ... archived copies.

David Attwell discusses his book JM Coetzee and the Life of Writing with Finuala Dowling on the occasion of its launch in Cape Town on 19th May 2015.


Click here for an archived copy of the video, or for audio only.

Open Access promotion at Taylor and Francis.


Waiting for the Barbarians and In the Heart of the Country
Author : J.M. Coetzee, with an introduction by Hermann Wittenberg
ISBN: Print: 978 1 77582 080 2; Publication date: June 2014
Size: 228 x 152 mm; Extent: 212 pages
Format: Soft cover/hardcover; R220 (incl. VAT) / $18.00 / £10.00
JC Kannemeyer

A review by Carrol Clarkson of JC Kannemeyer's JM Coetzee: A Life in Writing.


A review by JM Coetzee in The New York Review of Books of Barley Patch and Inland by Gerald Murnane.


A review in The New York Times by Martin Riker of Here and Now.


A review in The Guardian by Theo Tait of The Childhood of Jesus.


David Attwell discusses JC Kannemeyer's JM Coetzee: A Life in Writing

http://jonathanball.bookslive.co.za/blog/2013/01/14/podcast-david-attwell-discusses-jm-coetzee-a-life-in-writing/ (audio, 26 minutes)

Click here for an archived copy of the audio, or right-click to download (12 MB).

A reading of new work by JM Coetzee at UCT - 21 december 2012

A report by Donald Powers

An honorary doctorate has been conferred on JM Coetzee by the University of the Witwatersrand.


On the Wits webpage you'll find links to the citation and JMC's address to the graduates.

Reports by Donald Powers: Out of the Archive; Into the Archive.
The one-day symposium Into the Archive: J.M. Coetzee and his Precursors took place on Tuesday 28 June 2011 at the University of Leeds.  It was timed to follow closely the international Beckett conference Out of the Archive, held at the University of York the previous week (23-26 June 2011), at which Coetzee gave a reading from his work of narrative fiction in progress. Donald Powers has prepared reports on the symposium and the reading.


National English Literary Museum
NELM has the most complete collection of literature written in English by Southern African authors, and has a very active research department that deals with many queries a month.

A shared history of social equity
A delegation from the University of York, led by its vice-chancellor Brian Cantor, will visit four South African universities: UCT, Wits, UWC and Rhodes.
(article by David Attwell - Mail & Guardian Online 1 April 2011)


JM Coetzee talks to Peter Sacks on shame, secrecy, Kafka, and giving up poetry
JM Coetzee and poet/painter Peter Sacks in a 30-minute conversation at the Lannan Foundation, New Mexico, in 2001.
(Note that the first 33 seconds of the video is mostly silent.)

Click a link below to watch/listen (or right-click to download):
audio only (7 MB) / 640x480 video (153 MB) / 424x320 video (65 MB)

Quilting Points


J. M. Coetzee and the limits of sympathy


Summertime wins Australia’s Christina Stead Prize for Fiction


Coetzee knighted in the Netherlands


Ivan Vladislavic’s Flashback Hotel launched at the Book Lounge



Reviews of Summertime:
(arranged by date of publication)

Delia Falconer in The Australian (2 September 2009) gives her longish response in the third person. ("... How is she meant to read this trilogy of 'memoirs'?...")

Boyd Tonkin in The Independent (4 September 2009) offers some apt descriptions. 

James Meek's observations in The Guardian (5 September 2009) are casually incisive.

Patrick Denman Flanery in the Times Literary Supplement (9 September 2009) has interesting things to say.

Justin Cartwright's piece in The Telegraph (10 September 2009) is brief and unuseful, and includes a factual error in the last paragraph.

Joshua Billings in The Oxonian Review (26 October 2009) develops thoughts on coherence and fragmentation in Coetzee.  (Note the factual error in the fourth paragraph.)

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